How To Do EFT

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is an energy psychology technique based on the principles of Chinese acupuncture founded by Dr. Gary Craig; an engineer and performance coach. EFT helps to clear the blocks to healing from painful experiences, stress, physical pain etc. with remarkable speed and long lasting effects. It is basically an emotional version of acupuncture without needles.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes there are 12 meridians that move throughout the body that brings energy to all the organs in the body. In acupuncture; needles are used to unblock the energy and restore health. In EFT; instead of using needles, you stimulate certain energy/meridian points on your body by tapping on them with your fingertips while you tune into your particular issue. By restoring the balance of the energy system, we are also neutralizing and reducing negative emotions. It is a simple easy method to apply and you will often be surprised at the results you achieve. In all my years of practice, I have never seen or witnessed a technique that the client can achieve results on their own; whether it be for healing, growth or change. This is a most phenomenal approach to work with just about anything.

The premise of EFT is “the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption or blockage in the energy system”. These blocks includes fear, anger, phobias, grief, trauma, anxiety, and other restricting emotions that can create physical problems as well. When you clear the disruption, you have physical and emotional freedom.

In the 1920′s Einstein told us that everything (including our bodies) is composed of energy as described in his theory of relativity. EFT views the human body as an” energy configuration”. Physicians use devices such as the EKG and EEG which measure the electrical activity of the heart and brain. So,it makes so much sense that we utilize energy sources to heal from problems which conventional methods have overlooked. Whether you experience grief, loss, hurt , fear or anxiety; EFT is a superb way to help relieve your body, mind and spirit of the conflict and tension. In my 26 years as a clinician, this has been one of the most profound tools for lasting change that I have ever seen.

View the video here- How to do EFT.

Happy Tapping!
Ruth Stern

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