5 Secrets To Sleep Blissfully Tonight

Jumpstart Blissful Sleep Tonight- Free Teleclass

Thursday, August 14, 2014

7 PM

You will learn the: 5 secrets to go and stay asleep

1.      What you can do immediately to jump start your sleep now
2.      Learn a 5 minute exercise to clear your mind chatter before you sleep
3.      Understand how you perpetuate this “crisis” that keeps you awake, anxious and stressed
4.      Experience a powerful meditation for deep relaxation and inner peace
5.      Discover how your body will teach you to relax and alleviate suffering from lack of sleep

Having suffered insomnia myself for many years, I began researching. what causes and alleviates this common problem. I know first hand how lack of sleep affects your body, mind and spirit.

Lack of sleep affects your health, your motivation, your focus, your relationships, ability to make money or work, your sex life, and your ability to feel really good. It affects every aspect of your life.

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Warm Wishes..

Ruth Stern, MA

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