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Inner Peace – the Wisdom of Eckhart Tolle

Here are some great insights on inner peace by Eckart Tolle , a great spiritual teacher and author.
“Peace is not being asleep or being numb. It’s the opposite. It’s a state of heightened aliveness, when we become more conscious rather than less, and this requires an awareness of the kinds of thoughts that [...]

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Powerful Ways To Tune Into Feelings

We often work with clients who have had previous counseling and state certain issues have been worked on. My suggestion to you, is to get curious..what does that mean? Often clients have participated only in “talk therapy” where they gained insights but really haven’t processed the issue where there is no longer a real emotional [...]

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How To Solve Your Sleep Problems – Part 1

7 ways you can learn to sleep forever

Create great sleep hygiene habits – such as no caffeine at night, dim the lights in your home, make your bedroom a sleep haven (no working, eating or phone calls in your bedroom; let your room represent the place for your brain to relax), play gentle calm music [...]

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