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Release Your Food Cravings For the Holidays!

It’s the holidays….and there’s food everywhere……Yes…have fun…Yes…enjoy…..But when you start the automatic eating even when you are not hungry, you begin to feel out of control and later regret it. In the video below, I created a tapping on how to release cravings when you are not hungry. It’s all about [...]

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Releasing the Fear of Failure

We know that negative beliefs will sabotoge our success and ability to create abundance. For the beliefs are the driving force in our feelings and actions. Core beliefs such as “I’m not worthy”, “It’s all my fault”, ” I am a failure”, keep us from reaching our goals and dreams. We [...]

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Treat Anxiety With EFT

Stress affects our emotional and physical well being. 70-80% of all disease is stress related as stress compromises the immune system. Stress and anxiety are often linked to:
Heart disease,IBS,Hypertension,Insomnia,Ulcers,Headaches,Stomach Aches,Back pain,And much more…..
Our body changes under stress which is called the flight-fight response. The flight – fight response prepares you to deal with threats to [...]

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How To Do EFT

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is an energy psychology technique based on the principles of Chinese acupuncture founded by Dr. Gary Craig; an engineer and performance coach. EFT helps to clear the blocks to healing from painful experiences, stress, physical pain etc. with remarkable speed and long lasting effects. It is basically [...]

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Sleep Blissfully

Sleep Blissfully

June 18th, 2009

Sleep is a precious gift. For those of us who suffer insomnia, we appreciate and celebrate when we can sleep. Without sleep, we lose energy, focus, lack motivation and joy..and the list goes on. There are studies indicating lack of sleep can prevent us from losing weight as [...]

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