The Power of the Subconscious Mind

In this blog, I want to share with you a summary of Dr. Bruce Lipton’s dramatic research with genetics;  and the information that he shares about the reality of how our conscious and subconscious mind work,  is incredibly powerful.

Dr. Bruce Lipton is a die hard scientist, who has devoted his life to understanding human biology and behavior. He received his PhD from the University of Virginia at Charlottesville, and then went on to the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine, where he was an associate professor of anatomy. With his traditional track record, why do some people see him as controversial? Why did he step down from teaching medical students and strike out on a career path few had traveled? Simply put, Dr. Lipton has discovered that things aren’t what they seem to be. Nor are they what he was teaching in med school or what we’ve been told to believe.

What he discovered was….“Our health is not controlled by genetics.

He did stem cell research- and was cloning genetically identical cells, “Next, I manipulated the culture medium—the cell’s equivalent of the environment”.- He changed the environment or the conditions in each dish. In one dish, the cells became bone, in another, muscle, and in the last dish, fat. This demonstrated that the genes didn’t determine the fate of the cells because they all had the exact same genes. The environment determined the fate of the cells, not the genetic pattern. So if cells are in a healthy environment, they are healthy. If they’re in an unhealthy environment, they get sick.” They formed differently due to the information the environment. Most bio-medicine research is on how genetics control  cells which basically says that our fate is determined by genes we receive in conception. So, then we are a victim to our genetics. And his research states this is totally false.  What he discovered is , the  environment controls cells. His research proves that the fate of the cells is determined by the environment.

Quantum physics teaches us that the whole foundation of the universe is not based on the mechanical/physical universe, instead it is based on the invisible energy called the field. If I hold a magnet in front of you, you can see the magnet, but what you can’t see is the invisible magnetic field. Quantum Physics says we are physical beings – our body, but we are immersed in fields, electro magnetic fields (such as TV, telephone, cell phone fields, radio fields) and Quantum Physics says it is the field or the invisible forces that controls biology.

Einstein said,”the field is the sole governing agency of the particle”.

In other words in the world of invisible field , it’s the invisible or energetic field that gives shape to the matter, and this is the basis of Quantum Physics. So if your body is healthy or sick; and to understand that, don’t look at the body, you have to understand the physical forces in the field. Some people call that invisible field God in spirit ( seeing field in  spiritual context) Our thoughts ( our part of this field) can literally heal us or hurt us. Research shows that most people have negative thoughts 70% of the time. But positive thoughts alone will not create what you want.

It is the collective forces that form a field and shape biology and is part of the subconscious mind, that will manifest your desires.

The conscious mind, is our thinking mind and the subconscious mind is the processor of our experiences. The subconscious holds all our experiences,  beliefs and habits from parents, everything that we have observed. And the subconscious is a  million times more powerful than the conscious mind.

Our subconscious runs our biology about 95% of the time. So the subconscious is running the show.

So if you have thoughts in conscious mind like I want a loving partner and, if your subconscious has programming that says I’m not worthy of love or I’m not good enough to have love,  the subconscious will win or over power my conscious thought.  So the power of positive thinking will not work unless the subconscious has the same programming . When you free up the subconscious, you have time for more conscious creative thinking.but if the conscious mind is busy and not paying attention (stuck in future) it won’t see. And if we don’t see it, we may not see that it’s playing programs that we don’t want or don’t serve us. So when life isn’t working the way you want it, and  you don’t get that health or love relationship you want, we have a tendency to blame the outside world; because my conscious wanted this and it has lots of positive intentions to receive it.But, it is  the subconscious that is running the show, and it’s the subconscious that is sabotaging you. So in order to make changes, you have to know how to change the programming in subconscious.

We have the power to change the subconscious. We are profoundly powerful people.

You can walk across hot coals, a woman can lift a car off an infant without thinking about it.If we believe we are weak or a victim to our circumstances, you will be- But when you know that the mind can change the genetic blueprint-“we infinitely vary the expression of the gene”. So we can be totally healthy and our mind cause serious disease and the flip side where some people start out with defective genes but with our mind, they can re-write those genes and make them normal.

So the genes are not the limiting factor, it is the mind.
By accessing that invisible field, you can rewrite those habits. The million-dollar question is, how?

According to Dr. Lipton, we can do this in many ways. “Through processes such as hypnosis, subliminal tapes, the religious use of affirmations, Buddhist mindfulness, or a series of reprogramming modalities collectively referred to as energy psychology, such as PSYCH-K, Emotional Self-Management (ESM), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), among many other new techniques, we can rewrite those destructive programs that occupy our subconscious field.”


As an EFT practitioner and trainer, I am continually excited about the infinite possibilities and opportunities EFT has to offer in healing and personal success and empowerment. It is a powerful process that helps re-wire the subconscious mind by using the principles of energy and meridian tapping..

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Warmest Wishes…..

Ruth Stern, MA


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