About Ruth Stern, MA

About Ruth Stern, MA

Ruth Stern has been practicing for over 29 years. She is a licensed Mental Health therapist, AAMET  EFT Trainer and practitioner and EMDR certified clinician.She began working as an elementary school counselor and later worked in the addictions field for adolescent and adult residential treatment. Throughout her private practice years, she has also led various workshops on Stress & Anxiety, Chronic Pain and Weight Loss with EFT. She also offers workshops for therapists in the mental health field in EFT – Levels 1 ,2,3 – and consultation for certification.

As a transformational coach, Ruth works specifically with small business entrepeneurs and holistic practitioners, who struggle to find their ideal clients. She coaches you in how to create a thriving business and fill your business with your ideal clients; and releasing blocks to success.

Ruth inspires clients to use EFT to release from emotional pain and limiting beliefs; motivating clients to create a vibrant happy life filled with new choices!

For More Information or to schedule an appointment, please call 407-671-9555 or email ruth@ruthstern.com.

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