EFT Training Services

EFT Training Services

Individual Sessions: (50 Min.) My main approaches in assisting clients for healing and growth are EMDR and EFT. Both approaches are body, mind and spirit oriented. Both help the client “install” new belief systems that change their behaviors and their outlook on life. Both therapies go way beyond the traditional talk therapy and are wonderfully effective to create positive change. Click here to pay for a session.

For Group Coaching- Click here to pay for a session

Phone Sessions: For clients who wish to have counseling sessions via telephone. Another great benefit of EFT; is we can tap on issues on the phone. I personally have experienced telephone counseling sessions for myself with another EFT clinician and I felt as if I were with her in her office. If the therapist is highly tuned in, empathetic with lots of experience with EFT, the sessions are immensely helpful! Click here to pay for a session.

EFT Certification Program:

Click here to pay for the program (one payment).


Workshops: are very active oriented. There is very little lecture and much more practice, hands on learning with EFT. EFT is simple to learn; yet profound in its results. Click on Ruth Stern Workshops for further information.

For Therapists: I teach Level I & II,  and Advanced Level 3 – for beginning and advanced training for practitioners. Practitioners see live demonstrations and learn many artful ways to utilize EFT with their clients. Anyone in the healing field can attend and apply for certification . Presently, I offer CEU’s in Florida only.

Form More Information about EFT, please call 407-671-9555 or email ruth@ruthstern.com.

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