Have You Heard of The Secret?

Have You Heard Of The Secret?

By Ruth Stern, MA

Have You Heard of “The Secret”?
In February 2007, Oprah hosted a show on The Secret – a now very
publicized movie you can download on your computer. After viewing the
movie myself, I felt re- inspired and even more focused on what it is I
needed to do, to continue my on-going life’s journey of happiness and
fulfillment. So what is the Secret? It is the metaphysical “law of attraction”.
This law states that whatever we are feeling or vibrating is what is
communicating our energetic position or posture to the universe. The
universe hears this vibration we emit, and then watches it by returning to us
similar experiences to produce more of the same feeling and vibration.
Basically, everything you attract is through your thoughts and feelings and
the more you focus on those thoughts, the more it expands. So, if you focus
on how much debt you have, you get more of that. Conversely, if you focus
more on developing prosperity, you attain more of that. Think of yourself
like a magnet and be clear with your thoughts with what you want and you
will attract that. Have you ever gone to a party expecting to have a bad time
and sure enough, that’s exactly what happened. Or, conversely, have you
ever awaken in the morning; feeling so good and expecting a great day and
that is what happened. Your thoughts have frequency or signals that draw
parallels back to you. Very recently, I was planning to do a seminar and
wanted to promote this seminar to a group of professionals in my field. I
“coincidentally” got a name to call for space to hold my seminar, who was
also the president of an organization of those same professionals. She told
me that the speaker had to cancel and would I like to speak at their next
meeting. In my view, the universe was manifesting to me as I had sent out
on a daily basis positive signals of my goals. Your life can literally become a
physical manifestation of your thoughts. So. what are you thinking all day
long? Research states we have about 60,000 thoughts a day. The average
person thinks more negatively throughout the day. No wonder we have a lot
of depression, anxiety and a myriad of many unhappy people. The good
news is; is that knowing this law allows you to have more power in your life
and feel less of a victim. You do have control over your vibration if you
make choices about your thoughts and focus one day at a time. And there
are some very practical things you can do to get started on this great journey
to attract all that you want in your life; whether it be great relationships,
financial abundance, less stress, great career etc.

1. Start with writing down everything you don’t want. Then write the
exact opposite. Now you have a list of everything you want to draw or
attract in your life. For example – “I don’t want to be fat”– Your new
statement might be “I lose weight easy and effortlessly” or “I don’t
want to be inpatient” – Your new want statement might be – “I want
to be patient”.

2. Write down everything in present tense as if is already happening –
So, instead of writing “I will have loving relationships”, you put it in
the present – “I want loving relationships”..

3. After you finish your list, see, feel and visualize how good this feels
to have all of this in your life. Positive feelings create positive

4. Visualize daily – “what you visualize will materialize”. Dwell on the
end result. If you want to lose weight, see your body lean and healthy.
Put yourself into the feeling place – believe it is possible for you and
imagine already having it and release it to the universe

5. When the voice of doubt shows up; and it will; use EFT to collapse
the negative voices. For example – I can’t lose weight – I can’t be
consistent with food – that is what you would tap on. All voices of
doubt will get in your way to manifest your goals and dreams. These
sabotage voices are normal. EFT is a wonderful approach to collapse
the negative or critical statements we make.

6. Don’t give up if it’s not happening immediately. Take concrete
actions daily, no matter how small. If they’re not working, change
your approach. This is an important point. Many successful people
understand this point. It is said that Thomas Edison took years to
create the light bulb and tried thousands of inventions to create the
light bulb that were unsuccessful. When approached, why he
continued and kept failing; he replied that his failures only made him
closer to the solution. He didn’t see failure – he saw the mistakes as
an opportunity for growth and getting closer to the end result.

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