How to End Insomnia with EFT

How to End Insomnia with EFT

By Ruth Stern, MA

Bill suffered insomnia for years and tried everything. One night his wife Jennie watched him perform this very intricate routine to prepare to sleep. First he took his pillow and pounded on it repeatedly to create a perfect indented soft center. Then he placed some kind of oil on his 3rd eye (a chakra point), while burning some awful smelling incense. In the background he played some ancient chanting music – sung by monks humming in a guttural tone repeating the sounds of oom ba dayee , echoing in an empty hall. That night neither of them slept! She turned to him suggesting in a whimsical way, “Why don’t you just lie down and close your eyes?” That seemed simple to her at the time…until she became an insomniac herself a year later. Like Bill and Jennie, I too have suffered many years from insomnia and the agony of chronic lack of sleep haunted me. It became my mission to overcome this sleepless misery. I read many books and researched the internet. In the next 2 years, I tried melatonin, valerian root, kava kava, milk & cookies (I liked that one), acupuncture for sleep, hypnosis with two different hypnotists. Nothing worked and I felt very desperate. The next year I gave into prescribed medicines. They sometimes worked but often made me feel very foggy the next day. I was determined to keep researching to find the answer to this problem that so many of us suffer.

I, like many others was looking for a quick fix or magic herbal supplement. What I was missing in my search, was the most important piece in healing insomnia; which is the underlying anxiety that feeds the sleepless nights. Having become an EFT practitioner (emotional freedom techniques); I began to tap on stressful emotions daily; once or twice a day. At night I religiously tapped specifically on insomnia and then mediated a few minutes. This became my “sleep cocktail”. It was my intent to get off the medication completely and sleep every night. For the first time in 20 years of insomnia, I was able to get off the meds within 3 weeks and stay asleep naturally. This has become a truly miraculous achievement in my life; not to mention the quality of my life enhanced with natural sleep.

The complete investment of my time is 10 minutes a day to heal my insomnia. By allowing yourself to be conscious of your emotions; rather than stuffing or ignoring your feelings is a great gift to give yourself. With EFT you are balancing the energetic system that has become out of balance with the array of emotions that arise throughout the day. When you are quiet at night, the unresolved emotions and thoughts become louder; resulting in your mind and spirit spinning in turmoil.

In the DVD I produced, 4 Steps To Blissful Sleep, you will learn the exact process. You won’t have to think of what to tap on. All you need to do is press a button for the particular emotion you are struggling with and tap along with the DVD. At night you have a special tapping round for sleep and a choice of 2 short meditations. I designed it to be a simple process and to replicate exactly what I did to heal my insomnia. It is with great excitement, I pass this on to you with the hope and belief that you will also sleep again. Sleep is a beautiful thing as it enhances our mood, energy and quality of life.

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