Often when clients come in for therapy, many of their presenting issues are rooted in past negative events or traumas.  As an example; if you came in for frustration with continually choosing a stream of negative or unhealthy relationships. You are wanting to stop this pattern and yet you seem to always be attracted to a certain type. This is a good example of how patterns are rooted in the way we were brought up and what we learned from the dynamics in which are parents and siblings related. We get “stuck” or frozen in patterns of the way we learned to manage problems in our family of origin and then continue to repeat these patterns in present day relationships.  Perhaps you were the rescuer and trying to make things better as a child; you may also tend to pick partners now where you find yourself helping and rescuing as well.

I am a Certified EMDR therapist trained to use this wonderful approach along with EFT to help heal and clear our past issues that keep us stuck in present day situations.

What is EMDR? EMDR is an acronym for a psychotherapeutic approach called Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing. Like EFT, it is a very rapid method of healing from PTSD and other negative events from childhood. Created by Dr. Francine Shapiro; she proposes that the use of bilateral stimulation (right/left eye movement or tactile stimulation) helps release the emotional experience that is trapped in the nervous system. For example; if you have been a victim of abuse of any kind, you will develop common negative beliefs about yourself as a result. The memory of your mother hitting or screaming at you when you didn’t clean up might cause you to begin to believe, “I am not good enough”. This belief along with the memories gets frozen in your system mostly on an unconscious level. As you grow up, you live life often unknowingly carrying this belief. This belief can affect your confidence to take risks, make decisions, choosing a healthy partner, keeping or succeeding in your job.EMDR helps to assimilate and reprocess information and ultimately frees you from the negative beliefs you associated with the event. EMDR helps you process new positive cognitions freeing you of this negative evaluation of yourself. EMDR produces long term effects on all levels of the client’s well being – emotionally, mentally and physically. While you still remember the memory, the charge and negative emotional response you have towards it is neutralized.

The long term benefits from EMDR include: restoring your natural state of emotional well being; empowerment; more rewarding relationships and increased internal peace.

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