The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction

If you want to attract more success, loving relationships, more inner peace, increased prosperity; more abundance of anything in your life; you need to change your vibration first. Vibrations are signals you send out through your feelings and words. It is what we are communicating to the Universe. For example; if you say I want a loving partner and you find yourself feeling too vulnerable to have love in your life; you are at that moment sending out negative vibrations which prevents you from getting what you say you want.

The Law is a metaphysical principle that states – you attract to your life whatever you give your attention or focus to, whether positive or negative. So in the above example, the universe is picking up the strong vibration of fear and vulnerability; instead of your want to have a loving partner. So, thoughts and feelings need to match in order for you to manifest what you want. Here’s how it would look if you were in alignment: “I really want a loving partner and am excited that he/she is coming into my life”.

Every thought and feeling vibrate and radiate a signal and every thought attracts a matching signal back. This is the process of the Law of Attraction. If there is something you desire that you don’t have right now, and you put your attention on not having it (like the example – my attention is on feeling fearful and vulnerable) then the Law will continue to match that not having it vibration. And you will continue to not have that which you desire.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have negative feelings like resentment, anger, sadness etc. All feelings are legitimate. However, you have the choice to stay in those negative vibrations or dwell on these feelings as they rob you of peace and joy or change your focus. This is where EFT comes in. Most of us might ask; “How am I supposed to deal with all this? I can’t just wish these feelings away; they’ve been with me a long time.” EFT is one the most powerful tools I have found to help us get at the roots of our most distressing feelings by tapping on the cause, the root memories that feed these beliefs and feelings and clearing the blocks to our happiness. In this process, we peel the layers of unhappiness; honoring all the feelings. So instead of holding, bottling it up, keeping a stiff upper lip; we process and then the feelings no longer have such a powerful hold on us.

EFT helps reduce our conflicts, reduces our intensity about our experience; and helps us reprocess the way we see things. We experience things through our own perception filter. That filter is filled with untruths and misguided information from our past. No wonder we get so upset over the small stuff or become reactive easily. EFT reduces that reactivity and you literally can begin to feel lighter and freer. EFT empowers you to have a new way of seeing the world and yourself. As a result of this clearing, you are changing your vibrations from misery to hope or from hopelessness to possibility. Healing with EFT provides room for you to create the positive vibrations to attract what you desire. If I am fat and feel very bad about myself; I will focus on that negative feeling and not achieve my goal of being thin and healthy. When I change my hopelessness about my body and focus on the body I want and give energy to that; I am now in the process of having my new lean body. We are no longer focusing on the problem; we are focusing on the solution. So, essentially, EFT is treating the negative vibrations in our body and mind. When you are feeling fear of having a relationship, we would also look at past relationships where you felt that way or what you learned growing up that might feed into your feelings. In EFT, we are neutralizing and clearing the way for increased positive vibrations.

Anything you give attention to will become your truth. Notice, right now something you’ve been thinking and feeling about that has caused you some distress. For example; Perhaps you are frustrated that you are constantly in debt. You can begin to tap on this issue. (see my EFT tab – on instructions of how to tap)

Even though I struggle with debt and I feel hopeless, I deeply and completely accept myself….Even though I can’t believe that changing my vibration could help me with my debt…I accept who I am and how I feel…Even though I’ve had endless struggles with debt,…I accept all of me.

Tap on all the points saying any feeling and thoughts that comes up: – this hopelessness, I’m drowning in debt…it’s too much…I can’t see a way out(keep moving through all the points).

Tap another round: I am in the process of letting go of this struggle…I’m considering new ways to manage my money…I am releasing this struggle…I am finding new ways to release this debt…I deserve to be free…I love being free…I love seeing myself free of debt…I’ve decided to feel good about money..

If you have more “negative voices” or yes…buts coming up after doing this past round; write those statements down and tap on those issues. Typical things that might come up are: I don’t deserve; I don’t have the resources to do anything different; I’m never going to be free of this.. These are you negative beliefs that are getting in the way of your freedom to have what you want. Keep tapping and releasing! Be persistent! It works.

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