“I’m so thrilled with my daughter’s recovery. She is her old happy, cheerful silly self again. Actually, she’s better than ever. Now she goes right to sleep and enjoys food again. Food is basically issue free. We still tap as needed”.
Linda – homemaker

“EFT is the most powerful tool I have ever come across to help change my emotional state immediately. When I experience a feeling or emotion that I don’t like, I tap and change it to a more desirable one.”
Sarah Thomas, Physical Therapist

“I’ve had headaches for several years and tried many different types of medications. Through EFT, I have been able to manage remarkably and eliminate any form of headache; and not take meds anymore.
M.S., college student

“After getting stuck in an elevator 7 years ago, I had a definite fear of elevators; especially small ones. Using EFT helped me to be able to accept the fear and remain more relaxed about it…and now have more confidence when I step in an elevator. And I’m also now able to be in enclosed spaces which I couldn’t do before.”
M.M., administrative assistant

“Since I was young, I have always been terrified of public speaking. I would always be an utter mess during and after the presentation. We used EFT to peel the layers of my fears. Not only was I more relaxed; but I was engaging and effective in conveying my message to my audience. I now look forward to presentations because I know I can do them with ease and confidence!
M.S., student

“There is not doubt in my mind that the EFT tapping method is a miracle! My 13 year old son has had stomach aches almost daily for the last 3 years. We’ve had many specialists and were told he had IBS and nothing could be done. After one session with Ruth, my son’s pain virtually disappeared! It sounds too good to be true. Ruth taught him how to control the pain…in the rare occasion that his pain reappears; he uses EFT and can eliminate it.”
Nancy Holman, homemaker and volunteer in education

“I learned skills that I could use right away in my practice…as well as
personal benefit from the practice sessions”.

Therapist in group training.

“Ruth is an enthusiastic, inspiring and flexible instructor. She makes EFT

Therapist in group training

“Thanks so SO MUCH! For the wonderfully useful workshop…when I needed help in readying myself for the past weekend. I think I needed space/time to acknowledge that grief was re-visting me and I could take time to be with it and also let if soften. All in all, the weekend was fantastic, I know in large part because you helped me “be” with my feelings.
Heidi Behr, licensed clinical social worker

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