How To Create Positive Statements with EFT

How To Create Positive Statements with EFT

June 24th, 2008

Clients will often ask why we focus on the negative part of the problem as we tap. I believe it is important to honor the negative feelings as they arise which then can give space to inviting the positive reframes later. I’m sure you’ve had the experience when upset and someone said,”Don’t worry, it’s not that bad, let’s think of the posiitve in this situation”. And you just wanted to slap them! You might not have felt heard as you needed some time to process the feelings of sadness or anger at that moment. With EFT, you tap on a few rounds of the feelings that are coming up. And when your SUDS (rating) goes down some; you can then invite positive reframes to uplift you.

The next question clients often ask; is what do I say. There are really no right or wrong words. I did come up with a technique originating from NLP (neuro linguistic programming) that can be very helpful to structure your statements. NLP looks at how the mind/brain processes information and communicates information The 3 main ways we process are: Visual(V), Kinesthetic(K) and Auditory (A).

Visual means how we see the world and we say things. A visual person will say, “I see what you mean” or “I can visualize that”

Kinesthetic means we process through our feelings and we say things like: “I feel so good about this”, or” I can sense it really means alot” or “I love going to the movies”

Auditory means we process through our self talk and we say things like “I can hear that voice in my head” or “I have this knowing it will work out”

How to put this into practice with EFT?
Let’s say you’ve been tapping on insomnia and the stressors that are feeding into it. After you’ve tapped a few rounds on the stress; ASK yourself what is I want instead of insomnia? I want rest, I want this to be easy. Using your answers you can plug in the different modalities of Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. Play around with it.Here is an example:

Starting with the eyebrow point (EB)

- I allow myself to rest deeply tonight (A)

- I sink into my pillow and feel the warm cozy sheets (K)

- I see myself resting peacefully and effortlessly (v)

- I love going to sleep and letting my thoughts just drift (A)

- Feeling a calming white light melt all around me (K)

Using the different modalities can enhance your abiltiy to reframe your situation to happier and hopeful state of mind. Please see the tab on EFT to learn about the meridian points.


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