Treat Anxiety With EFT

Stress affects our emotional and physical well being. 70-80% of all disease is stress related as stress compromises the immune system. Stress and anxiety are often linked to:

Heart disease,IBS,Hypertension,Insomnia,Ulcers,Headaches,Stomach Aches,Back pain,And much more…..

Our body changes under stress which is called the flight-fight response. The flight – fight response prepares you to deal with threats to your well being. Imagine you are walking in a path in the woods. Suddenly a bear appears…your heart pounds…your hands are sweaty…your breath quickens…muscles are tense. This fear causes all senses in your body to be on alert. If the bear comes toward you, you’re prepared to run or fight (if you didn’t run fast enough).

In ordinary circumstances you won’t be running from a bear, but you will have ongoing situations that cause the same fight-flight response, such as your boss criticizing you, being late for a meeting, handling rude customers, an upsetting argument with your partner or children.

Constant fight-flight reactivity breaks the body’s immune system down and therefore we’re are more vulnerable to sickness and disease.

We live in a culture that is very fast paced. We fax, text, email, face book, twitter….How many times have you said “I don’t have enough time”.  The Eastern culture teaches us a lot about the importance of learning to slow down; be more present and in the moment.

We pay a big price emotionally and physically when we don’t manage our stress.

In the video , I’ve created a tapping sequence to begin to bring in more inner peace and tranquility, to release stress and to center yourself. Enjoy!

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